SmarterTasks is the only task manager for Windows Mobile Smartphones designed for managing your tasks the "Getting Things Done" way. Finally, a task list manager that works the way you've always wanted it to.

Designed for Getting Things Done*
Assign a context (Outlook category) as well as a project to your tasks so that you can quickly review which tasks are relevant at any time. By extending Pocket Outlook to support projects, you can now track tasks by more than just a simple category. 

Quickly switch contexts & projects
A single click left or right on the direction pad cycles through the available contexts, showing only the tasks in that context. If the focus is on the Project Bar, you can cycle through projects with a single click.

Smarter task editing
Designed for quick entry, SmarterTasks doesn't try to replicate desktop Outlook and overwhelm you with checkboxes, popup lists and fields when you're simply trying to input a new task. The most common attributes such as title, priority, context, project and notes are presented simply and elegantly.  You can even edit your categories and projects directly on your Smartphone. SmartText entries of "canned phrases" can be inserted for words or phrases you enter often. 

Easily view tasks your way
Now you can view your tasks by project and category at the same time so you can see what tasks are related to a specific project. Or you can use a simplified view and just list tasks by context. You choose how you want to view them.

Supports the lastest wide screen phones
Works on all Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones and fully supports the wide screen display of the latest devices such as the Motorola Q.

Smart Actions
Automatically dial your phone based on keywords such as "call", "phone" or "ring" along with a valid phone number.

Synchronize with Outlook
SmarterTasks uses the same data store as Pocket Outlook, so everything you create is synchronized 100% with other task applications as well as desktop Outlook through ActiveSync.

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*Lindsey Systems Research is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.

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    Key Features
  • Designed for GTD methodology
  • Fast switching between contexts and projects
  • Edit contexts and projects directly on your Smartphone
  • Supports landscape and portrait
  • Quick entry bar for fast entry of new tasks
  • SmartText insertion for frequently used phrases
  • SmartActions to automate dialing
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0
    (Microsoft's free software foundation components for Windows Mobile devices.)